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Manga is a Japanese originated form of comics that is mixed with cartoon and anime style mixed together but most manga is made in black and white unlike American comics. 

Pop Art

Pop art is a united kingdom and united states that started around the 1950 the art that is based on pop of color that catch’s peoples attention and was used in newspappers and comics 


Mosaic a extremely old art form first made in 3nd millennium BCE and it is art made from colored glass or stone pieces put together you might find some as floor decorations and historical places.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting another very old art form introduced in 7th century ce it was used to decorate caves and in more modern time for houses it was also used for paintings to make it look more realistic and we still use them till today.


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More about me and my Journey

I find myself here as a result of the Syrian war, having departed Syria when I was just a year old. Now, at the age of twelve and in Britain with ambitious dreams awaiting fulfillments. I will talk about the journey that led me here, starting with my departure from Syria to Turkey.


My time in turkey

I was in Turkey for a span of three years, during which I unfortunately had to miss a year of school. The experience of living in Turkey was quite challenging, particularly due to my father’s departure to find opportunities in Britain. His journey was dangerous, nearly leading to his death. However, once he successfully reached Britain, he started to work on getting us to travel in plane to ensured our safe and proper relocation.

Arriving in Britain

At my arrival in Britain, tears went up in my eyes, as three long months had separated me from my father. Settling into this new place, I started my first day of school with no grasp of the English language. Fast forward to now (seven years), and I now can speak fluently, numerous friendships and dreams to fulfil and take place.

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