June 2, 2020


Townmart – Empowering Local Businesses with an Online Marketplace

The Brief:

In 2020, Townmart emerged as an ambitious start-up project, with the backing of Cardiff University and founded by an alumni MSc Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship . Their vision was clear: create a localized online marketplace to empower local independent businesses. They sought to provide a digital stage where businesses could display their products and services while delivering an affordable online presence, complete with a versatile business website equipped with features like blogs, ecommerce, and booking systems.

Our Approach:

We initiated our partnership with Townmart by delving into the intricacies of their business model and the customer journey. This foundational phase allowed us to align our solutions seamlessly with their overarching vision. This comprehension served as the bedrock on which our subsequent efforts were built. Our grasp of the project’s ethos enabled us to craft solutions that not only addressed challenges but also elevated the user experience. This understanding of the business model and customer journey informed our subsequent steps, ensuring harmony with Townmart’s core goals.

Our Solutions:

Our journey in addressing Townmart’s startup venture revolved around an integrated approach that married functionality and innovation. Our first step gave life to a Business Directory Website, harmoniously blending advanced search functionalities, interactive maps, and location browsing. This platform bolstered businesses’ digital presence and facilitated organic connections with their audience.

In tandem, we meticulously designed an exclusive B2B Section. This dedicated space offered businesses insights into TOWNMART’s workings and provided a platform for seamless interaction, fostering collaboration and clarity.

Simultaneously, we turned our focus towards creating a robust Marketplace. Tailored to accommodate both B2B and B2C dynamics, this platform enabled businesses to showcase their offerings effectively, while buyers enjoyed the convenience of placing orders and appointments, bridging the supply-demand gap.

Complementing these developments, our user-oriented Robust Backend system empowered businesses to manage operations efficiently, enhancing customer engagement and streamlining interactions.

Communication played a pivotal role; thus, we thoughtfully integrated a Notification System. This feature kept stakeholders informed about critical updates, ensuring a smooth flow of information and cultivating a sense of reliability.

Flexibility remained central to our strategy, evident in the provision of diverse delivery options and adaptable time slots, catering to varied business and customer needs.

Incorporating Dynamic Pricing and Delivery Costs. This enabled businesses to adapt pricing and charges based on specific conditions.


With these comprehensive solutions, Townmart’s visionary startup concept crystallised into tangible reality. The outcomes achieved were not just functional but transformative, reshaping the digital landscape for local businesses and end-users alike.


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