Foxy’s Deli’s

Online Store and Booking System Integration with Townmart

The Brief:

Tucked away on the charming Highstreet of Penarth, Foxy’s Deli’s stood as a gem of a local trader. Yet, despite their delightful offerings, an outdated website left them lacking the online sales edge they desired. As fate would have it, the pandemic presented an unexpected opportunity. Foxy’s Deli’s turned to us with a vision: to step into the digital realm through Townmart, complete with an online store and a booking system.

Our Approach:

Our journey began not in lines of code, but at Foxy’s Deli’s doorstep. An in-person exploration of their shop allowed us to absorb the essence of their business. Engaging with their staff, we deciphered the heartbeat of their operations. We traced the steps of their customers, understanding the journey they undertook. We even dived into their POS system, unlocking insights to seamlessly integrate it into their new online venture. Armed with this holistic understanding, we were primed to craft solutions that would become their digital transformation.

Our Solutions:

In our quest to rejuvenate Foxy’s Deli’s digital presence, we embarked on a path of tailored innovation:

  • Crafting an Online Store: We brought their delightful offerings to the digital stage, creating a bespoke online store within the TOWNMART marketplace. This dynamic platform allowed them to display and sell their range of products effortlessly.
  • Designing the Perfect Welcome: The online store’s home page became an enchanting entryway. A design that combined aesthetics with user-friendliness welcomed customers, ensuring their browsing experience flowed seamlessly.
  • Delivery Redefined: A comprehensive delivery system emerged to suit their unique needs. Choices abounded, from local delivery within 3 miles, enticing customers with a £2.99 fee for orders under £15 and free delivery beyond. Cardiff Area Delivery added convenience, offering options for orders under £35. And for UK Mainland areas, a standardised delivery fee of £14.99 extended accessibility.
  • Table Reservations Reimagined: Townmart’s technological prowess enabled us to integrate a table reservation system. The digital world now extended to Foxy’s Deli’s tables, allowing customers to reserve a spot at their establishment.


In the aftermath, Foxy’s Deli’s found themselves transformed. What was once a fading website had morphed into a thriving online hub. Their products now danced on digital shelves, accessible with a few clicks. The aroma of their offerings lingered beyond the shop’s threshold, with local deliveries making homes come alive. Tables once simply topped with meals now welcomed guests who had reserved their places digitally. Foxy’s Deli’s had journeyed from outdated to outstanding, seamlessly melding their rich history with the digital age.


Ecommerce with Table reservations

  • Strategy

    Brand, Content and UX Strategy

  • Design

    Online Store, Table reservation, CRM system

  • Client

    Sain Fox

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