Mach Auto Center

Transforming Mach Auto Centre’s website in UAE

The Brief:

Mach Auto Centre, a key player in the vehicle services industry in the UAE, offers a range of services including vehicle insurance brokering and breakdown assistance. Their existing operational model relied on outdated methods like WhatsApp communication and manual data collection, resulting in inefficiencies and a cumbersome customer experience. Tedious manual order confirmations, multiple interactions via WhatsApp or phone calls, and a lengthy process to finalize insurance policies plagued their workflow.

Their aspiration was clear: replace the inefficiencies with modern solutions to streamline operations, automate processes, and elevate the customer experience. The challenge extended to a bilingual platform that seamlessly supported both English and Arabic, complete with right-to-left and left-to-right designs.

Our Approach:

To grasp the intricacies of Mach Auto Centre’s operations, we ventured to understand every aspect of their business. We engaged in comprehensive interactions, both in-person and online, with the Mach Auto Centre staff. This dive into their business model, operational methods, and customer journey laid the foundation for our strategy.

Cutting-Edge Digital Presence: Through meticulous design and technological innovation, we crafted a contemporary website that echoed Mach Auto Centre’s commitment to modernity. This digital platform seamlessly embraced both English and Arabic, catering to a diverse clientele.

Intuitive Interfaces: Ensuring user-friendliness was a core principle. We designed interfaces that not only looked appealing but also provided a frictionless experience for customers when entering their information. This simplicity didn’t compromise the sophistication of the application.

Instant Price Quotations: The introduction of an application that could swiftly generate accurate price quotations right after customers submitted their data brought transparency and accessibility to policy pricing.

Effortless Payment Process: Various payment methods, from bank transfers to online transactions, were seamlessly integrated. This convenience empowered customers to effortlessly complete payments for their chosen insurance policies.

Robust CRM System: We implemented a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that acted as the hub for centralizing customer orders. This transformation facilitated seamless communication between the customer service team and suppliers.

Automated Policy Delivery: Leveraging the power of the CRM system, we automated the process of delivering insurance policies to customers. With a simple click, policy documents in PDF format were sent via email, ready for one-click sharing via WhatsApp.

Vehicle Service Booking System: A sophisticated booking system emerged, revolutionizing the vehicle delivery and repair services. Customers experienced a seamless and convenient journey when availing these services.

Efficient Recruitment Section: We carved out a dedicated space on the website for job vacancies, creating an efficient avenue for individuals interested in joining Mach Auto Centre’s workforce.


Our collaboration with Mach Auto Centre instigated a seismic shift in their operational landscape. By dismantling outdated methods and embracing modernity, we revamped their workflow. The journey was marked by the birth of an advanced website, tailored interfaces, instantaneous pricing, effortless payments, centralized order management, and automated policy deliveries. These changes not only elevated the customer experience but also ushered in operational efficiency. The bilingual platform seamlessly catered to both English and Arabic-speaking customers, leaving behind a trail of improved processes and satisfied clientele.

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