Torfaen Leisure Trust

Brand new website for Torfaen Leisure Trust 

The Brief:

Torfaen Leisure Trust (TLT), a non-profit social enterprise, epitomizes community-focused commitment. Reinvesting every customer contribution into local service development, TLT champions leisure offerings across Torfaen. Managing five sites – Bowden Active Living Centre, Cwmbran Stadium, Fairwater Leisure Centre, Pontypool Active Living Centre, and Snowsport Centre – their dedication was admirable. However, their outdated website, muddled with inconsistent UX/UI designs and a cumbersome CMS, led to visitor confusion and high operational costs. TLT’s vision encompassed an affordable solution that streamlined content management, simplified user experience, and incorporated interactive functionalities such as third-party booking systems, event organizers, news pages, and customer interaction forms.

Our Approach:

Crucial understanding was sought through comprehensive online interaction, overcoming geographical constraints. Video calls, instant content sharing, and task collaboration helped us delve deep into TLT’s operations and customer journey, shaping our solutions effectively.

Our Solutions:

Appealing Design and Intuitive Experience: Our design overhaul transformed the website into an engaging visual journey, ensuring seamless navigation and an intuitive user experience.

Clear Service Presentation: Services were showcased prominently, ensuring clarity for website visitors and convenient accessibility to the leisure centre offerings.

Enhanced Search Function: An AJAX search functionality was implemented, allowing visitors to locate leisure centres swiftly, elevating the overall user experience.

Dedicated Centre Sections: Dedicated sections for each centre housed crucial details like opening hours and services, offering a tailored approach to visitors.

Intuitive Content Management System (CMS): We integrated a user-friendly CMS, granting TLT autonomy over content updates, reducing external dependence, and lowering operational costs.

Affordable Monthly Plan: A budget-friendly monthly plan allowed consistent design updates, ensuring a perpetually polished website aesthetic.

Reliable and Scalable Hosting with Robust Security Measures: Our hosting solution ensured uninterrupted performance, data protection, and automatic backups, safeguarding TLT’s digital presence.

Bilingual Support and Efficient Translation: To foster inclusivity, automatic and manual translation tools for English and Welsh users were implemented, ensuring a seamless bilingual experience.

Integration with Third-Party Booking and CRM Systems: Seamless integration with booking and CRM systems streamlined user understanding and relationship management, enhancing the operational efficiency of leisure centres.


A revitalised online identity emerged, aligning with Torfaen Leisure Trust’s community-oriented values. Clarity, accessibility, and ease became the hallmarks of their digital interface. Visitor engagement soared as confusion melted away, and the simplified CMS led to cost savings. The bilingual experience strengthened inclusivity, while integration with booking and CRM systems optimized operational processes. As we fostered a strong partnership, overseeing the website and secure server, TLT’s online journey transitioned into a tale of convenience, efficiency, and community connection.

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